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Sean Minor - Black / Tag
Sean Minor - Yellow / Tag
Point North
H. Mynors

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Wine Summary Sheet

Wine Enthusiast - 90 Points Best Buy 2021 Sean Minor California Series Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Enthusiast - 92 Points 2021 Sean Minor Signature Series Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Wine Spectator - 91 Pts Tasting Highlights 2021 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
Wine Enthusiast - 91 Points Editors' Choice 2020 California Pinot Noir
The Tasting Panel - 93 Points 2019 RR Pinot Noir
The Tasting Panel - 90 Points 2020 California Pinot Noir
The Tasting Panel - 91 Points 2020 Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon
The Tasting Panel - 90 Points 2020 Central Coast Chardonnay
Wine Spectator - 92 Points Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
Wine & Spirits - 90 Points RR Pinot Noir
Wine Enthusiast - 91 Points RR Pinot Noir
Wine Spectator - 10 California Pinots for $30 or Less
Wine Enthusiast - 91 Points Red Blend
Wine Enthusiast - 90 Points Central Coast Chardonnay
Wine Spectator - 2019 Top Values Rich Whites
Wine Spectator - 90 Points Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Case cards by varietal

California Series - Sauvignon Blanc  8.5x11
California Series - Sauvignon Blanc 11x17
California Series - Sauvignon Blanc 18x24
California Series - Chardonnay  8.5x11
California Series - Chardonnay 11x17
California Series - Chardonnay 18x24
California Series - Pinot Noir 8.5x11
California Series - Pinot Noir 11x17
California Series - Pinot Noir 18.x24
California Series - Cabernet Sauvignon 8.5x11
California Series - Cabernet Sauvignon 11x17
California Series - Cabernet Sauvignon 18x24

Signature Series - Chardonnay  8.5x11
Signature Series - Chardonnay 11x17
Signature Series - Chardonnay 18x24
Signature Series - Pinot Noir  8.5x11
Signature Series - Pinot Noir 11x17
Signature Series - Pinot Noir 18x24
Signature Series - Nicole Marie Red Blend 8.5x11
Signature Series - Nicole Marie Red Blend 11x17
Signature Series - Nicole Marie Red Blend 18.x24
Signature Serie - Cabernet Sauvignon 8.5x11
Signature Series - Cabernet Sauvignon 11x17
Signature Series - Cabernet Sauvignon 18x24

Case cards by season

Spring Signature Series - Wines 8.5x11
Spring Signature Series - Wines 11x17
Spring Signature Series - Wines 18x24
Spring California Series - Wines 8.5x11
Spring California Series - Wines 11x17
Spring California Series - Wines 18x24

Summer Signature Series - Wines 8.5x11
Summer Signature Series - Wines 11x17
Summer Signature Series - Wines 18x24
Summer California Series - Wines 8.5x11
Summer California Series - Wines 11x17
Summer California Series - Wines 18x24

Autumn Signature Series - Wines 8.5x11
Autumn Signature Series - Wines 11x17
Autumn Signature Series - Wines 18x24
Autumn California Series - Wines 8.5x11
Autumn California Series - Wines 11x17
Autumn California Series - Wines 18x24

Winter Signature Series - Wines 8.5x11
Winter Signature Series - Wines 11x17
Winter Signature Series - Wines 18x24
Winter California Series - Wines 8.5x11
Winter California Series - Wines 11x17
Winter California Series - Wines 18x24

Sales deck

Sales deck

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Press kit
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