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2023 Travel Reflections

Published on January 31, 2024

Sean and Nicole with Reps

In 2023, Sean and I embarked on a remarkable journey across 28 states, taking the soul of Sean Minor Wines directly to customers and accounts, forging deep connections with family-owned establishments, and creating unforgettable moments along the way.

2023 delivered incredible experiences for Sean and me. As owners, husband and wife working side by side, we planned our adventures early the previous year to visit some of the country’s most loyal Sean Minor Wine states. Leaving sun-soaked California to the lively streets of the East Coast and the vast beauty of the Midwest, our goal was to bring the soul of Sean Minor Wines directly to the homes and hearts of our customers across the 50 states. If only we could set foot in all of them, but 28 was the final count, and the road trips unfolded as a rewarding celebration of connection and sharing exceptional wines in the communities our consumers call home.

As we traveled from town to town, we discovered the unique stories and flavors that make each state special. Hosting tastings in local restaurants and pouring our wines at neighborhood wine bars allowed us to engage with our customers in their element, fostering a sense of community that transcends the typical winery experience. Our personal and company mission is to connect real people with everyday expertise, and taking wine tastings on the road accomplishes just that. 

Getting to know family business owners in our industry is an incredibly gratifying aspect of traveling together. Each encounter unfolds as a unique chapter in the story of Sean Minor Wines, enriching our experiences beyond simply pouring a glass of wine. Connecting with these passionate and dedicated people, who pour (no pun intended) their heart and soul into their establishments, allows us to see why the partnership of making wine for them is so important. It’s not just about the wines – it’s about sharing moments, stories, and the genuine warmth that emanates from family-owned restaurants, wine shops, and businesses that cater to their local neighborhood. We meet culinary masters of their trade and sommeliers who are educated in ways far-reaching in their field. We sit down with family teams that have passed traditions and recipes from generation to generation to nurture and feed their friends, family, and community. Standout stories of first-generation business owners are abundant, and they elicit so much emotion for me personally. I come from a family of first-generation business owners, and Sean and I have created our own family winery with that same spirit. These encounters become more than meet and greets. They form relationships that weave into the culture at Sean Minor Wines. These visits are unforgettable, and we bring home new inspiration, vigor, and gratitude that we hope our customers near and far enjoy in each sip.

More travel is in store for 2024 and perhaps, a bit of journaling and sharing of the stories. Everyone can relate to starting out, showing up, and sharing your talents with others. Who knows, we will meet you at the corner wine shop and we can toast to that! 

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Sean and Nicole in a bathtub of corks under a neon sign
Sean Leading a tasting for reps
Sean holding up a glass as he does a tasting