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the california

Always delicious. Always invited. Treat yourself to a taste of luxury every day with wines from our California Series.

sauvignon blanc.


Vibrant and juicy, our Sauvignon Blanc has light, refreshing flavors of honeydew melon, key limes, pink grapefruit and green apple. An ideal apéritif or summer sipper.



Refreshing flavors of ripe strawberries and fresh cut watermelon mingle with delicate aromas of rose and bright cherry. Dry and crisp, this is a must for your next pool party or girlfriend getaway.



As day turns to evening there is no better way to savor a sunset with your friends than a glass of Chardonnay. Flavors of ripe peaches, toasted pears and crisp granny smith apple tantalize the taste buds.

pinot noir.


Just like your favorite pair of jeans, our Pinot not only goes with everything and is a welcome guest at any gathering. Wild strawberries and bright cherries mingle with a hint of oak.

cabernet sauvignon.


Warm raspberry pie and fresh blackcurrants combine with flavors of cedar and spice in this classic Cabernet. Curl up next to the fire and get those marshmallows ready.

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