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Watermelon Carpaccio with grilled shrimp, jalapeño, feta, mint oil and lime zest

Prep: 15m Cook: 8m

Pair With: Sean Minor Rosé

Photo/Recipe Credit: @palmtreesandwhiskey & @jason.b.james


Watermelon sliced thin
Shrimp peeled + deveined, tails left on 
Feta cheese 
Red jalapeño 
White wine vinegar 
Olive oil 
Flake salt
Mint oil 


1. Make oil...Blanche mint for 30 seconds then add to ice bath. Put in blender with oil and sea salt. 
2. Arrange watermelon on a plate. Whisk together equal parts vinegar + oil. Add minced jalapeño and honey to taste. Drizzle over watermelon and sprinkle flake salt. Let sit 20 min. 
3. Season shrimp with lime juice, salt + pepper. Place on grill or pan until cooked through. 
4. Arrange shrimp with watermelon add crumbled feta. Drizzle mint oil. Garnish with more mint, salt and lime zest.