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Summer Adventures with Lucille, Morro Bay, California

Camping with Lucille, our family’s new little house on wheels and the simplicity of living in 184 square feet is our new-found freedom!

We made our first solo, maiden voyage to Morro Bay to celebrate our #2 bear’s 21st birthday. No hook ups, fully contained with our 40 gallons of water and solar panels for electricity. We thought, “No problem, what can possibly go wrong?” We stocked the cooler with Sean Minor Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc and plenty of finger foods, birthday candles, and party drink umbrellas (you know, the essentials). This is not just any ordinary little house on wheels, it has 3 burners and an oven for hot baked brownies that made us the envy of the campsite.

Let’s be honest, the windy roads of Highway 5 and winding road of 46 into Morro Bay allow for plenty of marital trust, but at the end of the road was the most gorgeous white sand beach for miles. There is something so soothing, powerful and healing about the Pacific Ocean. If you have not seen this part of the Central California coastline, you should add it to your list and when you go, add a trip to Paso Robles where we join forces with our Cabernet growers to make our California Series, Sean Minor Cabernet. If you are up for a leisure hike for breathtaking views of the Pacific, check out Montaña de Oro State Park. Pack a picnic and walk to the tide pools, you will not be disappointed, it is a treasure.

We know for sure there will be more trips leading us toward being seasoned RV’ers. Thank goodness for cell phone coverage and google for fast research on how to properly dump the grey water so we can enjoy more than a “navy” shower. Some conveniences are hard to give up, but wandering is fun, and the families on the road are eager to jump in and help us. Maybe we will see you out there, you are always invited.

Sean and Nicole

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